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I welcome all new visitors to my website!

   This is the english / american version ! 
"fgp" - a  teacher`s homepage

Following you will find all neccessary information how to use these sites.
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"fgp" stands for my three initials (first, middle and last name).
I am a teacher for history, social science, politics and economy  , living in Cologne / Germany. I created this website for pupils and teachers. So you ll find every page in german. I am sorry for that. 

Here we go with some explanation about the first site:

You can find:
- informations about evaluation of lessons and teachers behavior
- methods in the lessons
- personal informations to my person ("fgp"), personal ideas, my live-cam (usually online between 6 - 9 pm and weekends) and my sabbatical (use ENGLISH translation there, please). There you can find not only the one year sabbatical but also a lot of things about my life, my family and friends - and my visits to United States and Australia for example.

Some more topics I am featuring on my website are:
- working groups / projects.
- historical information about  primitive times and homo sapiens, Romans, middle age  and european/german history.

But the main reason I created a website is that I made the experience that some of my students  need more help, answers and information about school or private issues (especially if there is no person they can talk to).

These problems can be for example:
- aids
- trouble with parents or teachers
- boredom
- drug abuse
- sexuality
- violence

In fall 2008 there will be my book published:


It is a ficitve gay story about a 14 year old guy and his friends in german hip-hop scene. The story will be used in school lessons.

If you are also a teacher and have some information for me about interesting websites you are or something else important (and everyone else is also invited) feel welcome to mail me:

If you have problems with sending an e-mail use the guestbook for a notice, please! I would be glad. 

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Thanks for visiting. 


"newcomer - english version":  Frank G. Pohl: - fgp - Version 4 - update: 06/2008